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Power to the People

Historic Scotland's latest publication

Earlier in the year, a team from Historic Scotland came to Harris to talk to various people who are or have been involved in Hydro-power.  After extensive research, visiting sites throughout Scotland, a book was launched. This is now available to the public.

“The significant and early development of hydroelectric power in Scotland results not least from its combination of topography and weather. But this potential would not have been realised without the pioneering vision of a handful of architects, engineers and politicians whose personal energy and skills meant that Scotland has led the world in the development of this green energy source at various times in its history. The legacy of this pioneering development is a vibrant hydro sector which contributes to Scotland’s status as a net exporter of power to the rest of the UK. Scottish  Hydroelectric schemes are of national significance to the UK energy sector, generating around 12% of the gross power consumed in the UK in 2008. This is a spectacular Scottish success story. The hydroelectric power movement has led to the creation of many internationally important buildings and structures, demonstrating architectural as well as engineering achievement. This book traces the development of the industry through some of these key figures, from its roots in the aluminium industry through to hollow mountains with the capability to provide emergency power for whole of the UK. “ Malcolm Cooper Historic Scotland

The book is available FREE to download or can be ordered in hard copy at… or by contacting Historic Scotland on 0131 668 8701

Check out page 24 to see if you recognise the two local characters!



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