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Fishing in North Harris

Although we are responsible for most of the smaller freshwater lochs and rivers on the North Harris Estate, fishing rights are held by third parties on most of the major river systems.

Salmon and sea trout fishing rights on the Miabhaig, Uladail, Bhòisimid, Haladail and Loch a' Ghlinne systems are owned by the Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Estate. Fishing rights on the Sgaladail system are owned by Aline Estate. Fishing rights on Lochannan Lacasdail are privately owned.


Brown trout fishing in all other freshwater lochs is regulated by us.  Fishing for personal consumption is generally permitted.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you are following best practice guidelines and are fishing within season (15th March – 6th October). Fishing outwith the season is prohibited by law.

We recommend the following freshwater lochs for sustainable freshwater fishing:

  • Loch Bràigh na h-Imrich

  • Loch na Ciste

  • Loch a’ Mhorghain

  • Loch Mòr


Please note that freshwater fishing is not permitted on Sundays.

Huisinis Gateway
Old Whaling Station
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