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An Companaidh

Trading Company

North Harris Trading Company (NHTC) exists to stimulate economic growth in our community and was originally set up to take on the risk associated with the major borrowing required as part of the proposed Monan Windfarm Development.  Whilst this project was not progressed by NHTC, the entity remains as a subsidiary of the North Harris Trust to administer current commercial activities and develop future opportunities.

NHTC was established with the following aims:

  • Promoting community and household energy conservation

  • Delivering renewable energy projects

  • Enhancing community recycling facilities

  • Identifying measures to help address fuel-poverty


Please go to the NHTC website for more details of current operations and projects.

North Harris Trading Company Limited (NHTC) is a private limited company registered in Scotland (SC275446) with VAT registration (856 5191 01).  It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The North Harris Trust.

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