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Community Carbon Challenge comes to an end

We started out nearly two years ago to work with the residents of North Harris to achieve maximum energy efficiency in terms of heating, insulation and draught-proofing in their homes. The project sought to eradicate Fuel Poverty and encourage Energy Efficiency.

After securing £118,000 in funding from the Climate Challenge Fund, CnEs and Scottish & Southern the project team set about visiting every house in the area.

Now at the end of the project we have achieved:

  1. 69 Loft Insulations

  2. 32 Cavity Wall Installations

  3. Delivered 350 Home Energy Packs

  4. Installed 10 Radiator Panel kits

  5. Run two Eco-gadget workshops and a show for school children

Customer feedback has been good. We received comments like:

“House is warmer”

”Rooms on first floor warmer”

”Excellent job”

 and the energy monitors that were delivered as part of the Home Energy Pack picked up on people leaving their immersion heaters on accidentally

In parallel with this project Taigh Blath, who carried out the surveys and loft installation also worked on a Hebridean Housing Partnership project. This has delivered insulation to a further 55 households in North Harris.

This project has delivered significant Carbon savings. It has improved the lives of a large percentage of the North Harris community. Thanks must go to TEAS – The Energy Advisory Centre for helping to deliver another successful project for North Harris.


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