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Tim Langley

What is the Trust to you?

"Represents community engagement and involvement in the land that we're on." 

The Trust gives people the ability to take control and responsibility of the land. Tim says that the Trust has the same aims as the local community, to look after the land and ensure that projects/new ideas benefit and help support the local community. 

Why do you serve as Vice-Chair/Director?

"I live on the estate, so I have an interest because I'm a resident"

Tim has a genuine interest in the areas around him, the fact that he can have a voice and help contribute to these changes/projects is a big factor as to why he serves. In addition, Tim has an interest in how the Trust works and values that he can have a deeper understanding. 

North Harris Community

"Everyone knows each other and the scenery is beautiful"

Tim shares that he enjoys the sense of community where he knows people by name unlike in the cities. 

Tim Langley
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