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Zero Carbon Business Units – where’s the money coming from?

Today marks the end of what seems like months of work.

We have been working on an application to BIG Lottery for funding to build the three starter units in Tarbert. The application form is the document in the bottom right corner of the picture. The rest of the paperwork is the back up information needed to build the whole story. There are plans, elevations, topological surveys, insurance certificates, spreadsheets of costs and cashflows, schedules, research reports, pictures, company accounts, planning certificates…to name a few.

HMRC have bumped the costs up with 20% of VAT, so we’re now looking at a project cost of over £700,000. The Lottery application is for about 70% of this. The remainder we hope to make up from CnES, HIE and our own funds. So wish us Good Luck, and keep your fingers crossed for the next four months.


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