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Upgrade work at Urgha

Urgha "Contractor's Yard"

Now that the summer season is over, we are starting work on upgrading the Urgha site. Work is already underway to install new gates in the fence line. The new gates will be opposite the entrance to the gun club. We are installing wider gates to ease access to the site for the skip wagons. In doing so, we hope to move the skips around on site to allow easier access for our customers.

In addition to this, we have just applied for planning permission to site a portakabin next to the shed. Our Health and Safety assessment suggested that the existing touring caravan was not suitable as a long term mess facility. With the days getting colder and the wind getting up – we need to get something more robust on site. Once we have the appropriate permission, we will source a used cabin that includes proper mess facilities. For those of you that have installed new drainage systems recently, you’ll know that there’s no cheap way of connecting up toilets these days. We are asking for permission for a septic tank, as there is no mains sewerage. It’ll be a while before we commit the money for a septic tank and soak-away though.

The planning application also includes a change of use. When the yard was first established, it was designated a “Contractors Yard”. SEPA have questioned whether  this permission is  appropriate. This has prompted us to re-apply to formally register the use as a “Civic Amenity Site”. We don’t intend changing anything we do on the site – the change is just to make sure the correct permission is in place.


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