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Tree Chopping

On a small patch of land next to the Scalpay Bridge in Kyles, the North Harris Trust has been working on a tree experiment. Some crofters, who the land belong to, have let the North Harris Trust borrow it for a couple of years to grow different kinds of trees on the lazy beds there. The reason why they are planting lots of different types of trees instead of just one kind is to see which type grows best in Harris.

Some trees have grown quickly whilst others haven’t even come up at all. The trees that have grown are being cut down by Matt and Stephan then put carefully into a large chopping machine that chops branches into tiny pieces. The chips made are probably going to be used for something called mulch. Mulch is tiny bits of tree a bit like sawdust, that you can put around plants, like trees or vegetables, and it helps them to grow.

The roots of the trees have been left in the ground so hopefully the trees will grow again. The branches and logs can be used for useful things like fire wood.

 When it’s ti

me for the North Harris Trust to give the land back, the crofters might ask to get rid of all the trees so they can use the land for sheep or cows again or they could just leave the trees up to provide shelter from the wind for the people who live in the houses near by.



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