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Publicity for Gunnera Control

A few weeks ago we placed a small article in De Tha Dol regarding the Trust’s efforts at controlling Gunnera (giant rhubarb) on the estate. This week, the Stornoway Gazette reprinted the article, and immediately afterwards, STV was calling the office looking to make a story from it.

The Stornoway Gazette article can be seen here, and the STV article here.

The original De Tha Dol article was as follows:

Stopping the spread of Gunnera in North Harris

This year the North Harris Trust are continuing their programme of controlling Gunnera (Giant Rhubarb) on North Harris, and have been focussing efforts at Ardhasaig and Tarbert.

The plant can grow to a height of 2m and will out-compete many native plants with its large leaves. It can also cause problems by blocking drainage ditches and access tracks.  Gunnera thrives in our mild, wet climate and has caused huge problems in Western Ireland where the climate and landscape is similar to that found in Harris.

The large seed heads can release thousands of seeds that are spread by birds, wind, water and traffic.  At this time of year the seed heads are just becoming ripe.  If you have any Gunnera on your garden or croft, you can help stop the plant spreading any further by cutting off the seed heads, bagging them and disposing of them in the Garden Waste skip at Urgha recycling depot.

The Trust is focussing their efforts on larger problem areas, but doesn’t currently have the resources to visit individual households. We hope you will help us stop the spread of this alien species in Harris. If you need any further advice, or are interested in lending a hand to tackle larger stands of Gunnera, please contact Matt, the North Harris Ranger, on 01859 502222 or email

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