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It all happens at once!

Last week the Harris heatwave attracted record numbers of people out on a guided walk along the shore of Loch Trollenaraig near Rhenigidale. Early on in the walk, the  24 walkers were faced with the rare dilemma of having to chose between watching a pair of golden eagles or an otter that were both in view at the same time.

Although we see golden eagles on most guided walks, otters can be particularly illusive. They have a particularly good sense of smell and are rarely seen when out with a large group. However it was fantastic for everyone in the group to get good views of the otter diving and coming up with crabs and small fish.

Later on during the walk we watched two pairs of golden eagle, one on either side of loch Trolemaraig. The two pairs were in display flight, displaying at each other, staking out their territories. At the head of the loch there was a welcome opportunity to cool of by paddling off the beach which attracted an inquisitive common seal.

Our midge eating plants; butterworts and sundews, were in abundance and other moorland plants such as tormentil, lousewort and milkwort were also in flower.

Although the dry sunny weather is typical for this time of year on Harris, few of the vistors had expected to leave Harris with a sun tan!


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