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Eagle Observatory is Finnish’d

On Saturday, we hosted a group visiting from the Aland Islands in Finland. The group comprised the members of the Leader Local Action Group covering the archipeligo of 6756 islands that sit off the Finnish coastline.The islands are home to 28,000 people who speak Swedish, despite belonging to Finland.

The Leader scheme has provided funding for the Harris Mountain Festival and the North Harris Eagle Observatory in the past. The Finnish team were on a whirlwind tour of Leader projects in the Western Isles.

Our two local Leader co-ordinators, led the group up the track on another hot and still morning. Before long the visitors were depositing items of clothing on rocks at the side of the track -to collect on the way back. They had come prepared for the usual Hebridean weather. Wooly hats and scarfs soon adorned rocks on the track to the Eagle Observatory.

Luckily the team were here to see the building and not the eagles. There has been a lot of vehicular activity on the track this week, as work continues to fill the pot holes. This has put off the birds. So the activity plus the heat, meant no eagles for our visitors.


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