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Philip Butterfield

What is the Trust to you?

"Represents the people who are a part of Harris"

Phil views the Trust as an important organisation, the Trust has provided some work for the locals and it has brought multiple positive changes to the community. 

Why do you serve as a Director?

"It's a matter of scale, if it was down to individuals it'd be much harder to make changes. The Trust has expertise/funding and resources to make things happen."

Phil serves as a director as he sees it as an attempt to give something back to the local community. In addition, being involved with the Trust makes him feel a part of the community. Phil lives in Scalpay where he can sometimes feel a bit isolated but the Trust gives him connections to other towns in Harris

North Harris Community

"I love living here! I love the people, landscape, wildlife and the freedom"

The North Harris community is slowly changing where more areas would like to be involved with the Trust. In terms of the community and natural surroundings, Phil loves living in North Harris. 

Philip Butterflied
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