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Kate Lewis

What is the Trust to you?

"Community owned estate ownership is the future"

When Kate moved to North Harris, she was amazed that she could be a community owner of the land that she was on. Kate's partner was the ranger for 3 years where deep connections were made.

Why do you serve as a Director?

"Young people need a voice"

Kate works with many young people in the Scaladale Outdoor Centre and through this, she's discovered that they want to see changes too. North Harris is also for the young people living here too, it's important that their voices are heard. Community ownership makes this possible. 

North Harris Community

"I enjoy being a part of it, it's a close knit community"

Kate neighbours were so welcoming and helpful when Kate and her partner initially arrived to North Harris. Kate absolutely loves living here, she's always wanted to be a part of a community and that is definitely the best part of living here. 

Kate Lewis
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