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Donald J. Morrison

What is the Trust to you?

"NHT allows there to be easier access to the landowner"

For DJ, he believes that the Trust helps makes it more easily accessible for crofters to approach the landowner than in previous years. 

Why do you serve as a Director?

"I refused the position of director at first but now I see the benefits of the Trust, I am very happy to be a director"

DJ. serves as a director as he wants to help his local community access the benefits of the Trust, by being a director, he is out and about his local community making that connection between the two.

North Harris Community

"It's changed a lot over the years"

There's a lot more people on the island compared to when DJ was growing up. More people have moved to the island from the mainland who have a love of crofting. Therefore there are a lot more crofters and active crofters. 

Donald Morrison
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