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Stuart King

What is the Trust to you?

 I see the Trust as a place that helps to create and cultivate ambition among the community of North Harris, both young and old. Putting the ownership and management of the North Harris Estate in the hands of the community, ensures that we all have a say in the trajectory of what our future will look like in North Harris. 

Why do you serve as Vice-Chair/Director?

I've called North Harris home for a number of years now. My wife was born and bred here in Kyles Scalpay, and the future of our two young daughters was the main catalyst for my seeking to serve as a Director. 


Investing in the growth of our community will see a ripple effect of positive change that extends throughout North Harris and beyond. As a Director, I am driven by the belief that empowering individuals is the cornerstone of building strong and resilient communities. 

North Harris Community

I enjoy being part of a community that share a genuine care, compassion and concern for one another. 


The beauty of both the glorious landscape around us, as well as the hearts of those that reside here, shows me that there really is no other place on earth like North Harris. It's our duty to be part of that community as well as provide a prosperous platform for those generations to come after us.

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