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Scalpay Public Meeting

Approximately 40 people attended a Public Meeting on Monday 27 January in Scalpay Community Centre to formally introduce North Harris Trust’s new Scalpay Development Officer.

After a brief welcome and introduction from the Trust Chair, Calum MacKay, the Scalpay Development Officer, Ann-Marie Hewitt, outlined some of the projects that will be developed over the course of the next two years.  These projects include, but are not limited to, possible developments with the Scalpay School buildings and Care Unit, an East Loch Tarbert Marina project, which will include the North Harbour in Scalpay, and a 50kw wind turbine.  Land Management issues, such as the control and eradication of invasive species like gunnera, were also discussed.

The Trust will inform the community of news on these projects when it becomes available.

If you have any question regarding the work of the Trust, or would like to make suggestions for development opportunities, please get in touch with staff, or Directors, or pop into our office in Tarbert.  The Trust is especially keen to hear from individuals or businesses who would consider renting space in the School Buildings should the Trust purchase them on behalf of the community.

The three nominated Directors for Scalpay are: Kenny MacLeod, Sheila Roderick and DJ Cunningham.

Contact details for the Scalpay Development Officer are:

Ann-Marie Hewitt

Scalpay Development Officer

Tel: 01859 502 222

Membership of North Harris Trust

Membership of the North Harris Trust is open to all residents of North Harris and Scalpay.  Membership of the Trust allows you to be nominated for, and to vote for the appointment of directors to, the Board.  Membership of the Trust also allows you to have a vote when members are consulted and balloted on major project developments.

Membership Application forms are available from the Trust office , via , or download a copy here Membership App Form


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