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NHT – “What we do” display

The North Harris Agricultural Show this month gave us the ideal opportunity to set out a stall and show the community and our visitors what we’ve been up to over the last couple of years. We’ve had a number of people over the months, stop us and ask “What does the Trust do?”

The display showed some of the wide range of work we have been involved in, including the environmental improvements, the housing developments, the recycling operation and the work we’ve been doing in the schools.

The stand also gave us the opportunity to seek feedback on our work. Despite the poor weather, the stand was busy. There were questions about how the Trust was set up and questions about where to walk in Harris. This is a regular question from those south of the border that expect to only be allowed to walk on marked footpaths.

Some of the comments left on the board were:

  1. Signposting walks with yellow topped posts – they are really helpful

  2. The Eagle Walks, they were very enjoyable and informative

  3. More interpretation/information on Flora and Fauna on walking sites

  4. Create a Wildlife visitor attraction/info room

  5. Create an indoor attraction

The event also gave us the opportunity to introduce the inaugural Harris Mountain Festival which is scheduled from September 24th this year. We also released the new 2012 North Harris Calendar for sale. This is available from the Trust Office and a number of local retailers.


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