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Monan Windfarm repower

Green Cat Renewables has submitted a screening request (23/00024/SCR_L) to CnES to determine the scope of any Environmental Impact Assessment that would be required to accompany a planning application to replace the three existing turbines at Monan, Ardhasaig.

Monan Wind Company (MWC) was set up as a joint venture between The North Harris Trust (NHT) and Windflow UK. It developed the windfarm, with turbines being commissioned in 2015. Windflow’s portfolio of windfarms, including Monan, was sold to Constantine Wind Energy (CWE) in 2021. Monan windfarm is now wholly-owned by CWE.

MWC has tentative plans to install three new wind turbines measuring up to 86m to blade tip. The existing turbines are 46m, however the height of the proposed turbines is what was originally consented for the wind farm The new turbines would be located in close proximity to the current turbine positions and use existing access tracks. Three bladed Enercon turbines are being considered. There are a number of similar machines throughout the Western Isles. Enercon has a service team based on Lewis.

The request for screening states the magnitude of the change to the lansdscape caused by the proposed turbines is thought to be minimal, given the presence of the existing wind farm. A comparison document submitted claims very little difference in theoretical visibility. There will be very few places where the wind turbines would be visible after construction that do not have visibility of the current wind turbines.

The submission goes on that any future planning application would be accompanied by a full assessment of potential environmental impacts from the proposed development, including landscape and visual, ecology and hydrology.


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