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Job Vacancy – Manager

The North Harris Trust is responsible for the management of approximately 70,000 acres of community-owned land in North Harris. The Trust is a company limited by guarantee. The company consists of twelve directors, who are elected from within the community. In addition to land management, the Trust engages in a range of projects which deliver economic, social and cultural benefit to the local community. The company has grown considerably since its formation in 2003, and it is now an established presence within the North Harris community and further afield.

The Board is currently seeking to recruit a Manager. The successful applicant will have:

• strong leadership qualities

• relevant experience of project planning and delivery

• relevant knowledge of land management issues, including crofting legislation

• strong financial acumen

• proven experience of staff management

• good oral and written communication skills

• a commitment to the principle of community ownership and management of assets

Salary: £32,500 per annum

Closing date for applications: Friday 28th February 2020

Application forms and further information are available from: Calum J Mackay, Tiorga, 1 Ardhasaig, Harris, HS3 3AJ Tel: 01859 50 2385 / 07796511499


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