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Footpath upgrades plod on

Work started on the Bogha Glas to Miabhaig path in the summer, has continued through the winter and is expected to be completed this spring.  The unusually high level of rainfall over the late autumn and winter has taken its toll on many of our footpaths, with noted deterioration on sections of the Urgha/Molinginish path, the Gleann Chliostair path, and the Gleann Cravadale path.  The Trust sees footpaths as one of the most important areas of its work; providing opportunities for exercise, learning, recreation, discovery and simple downright pleasure.  However, high rainfall, weak peat soils and steep slopes, mean that it is a constant battle to keep our paths maintained.  With the more remote sections of path, the difficulties and expense of airlifting in repair materials can become a nightmare.  The Trust are members of SATIN (Scottish Access Technical Information Network), from whom a wealth of information, advice, and ideas are available.  In the future the Trust hopes to trial various approaches to protecting existing paths and improving further paths, without the great effort and cost of full scale renovation works.


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