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Children are our community’s future

Today we had the pleasure of hosting the S2 year group from Sir E Scott School in Tarbert. They have been working with resources developed by Community Land Scotland to understand more about Community Land Ownership and the role it can play in strengthening our communities. North Harris has examples of renewable generation, social housing and business space – all community-developed, within ten minutes drive of the school.

To start the day, a hike up the Monan track to understand what’s involved in building a windfarm. After this, a trip to Bunavoneader to see a hydro-electric generator in full flow, stopping on the way at Ceann an Ora housing development. Finally, a stop at Iomairt an Obain business Units in Tarbert to understand what’s involved in creating business space and securing tenants who will create new job opportunities.

S2 pupils at Iomairt an Obain business units

From a Trust perspective, these events give us the chance to show pupils the type of work we are involved in. It will also hopefully spread the word that community-ownership can be a good thing.


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