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Bunavoneader update


New intake, located behind old dam

The last update on the Bunavoneader Hydro-electric Scheme was in September when the sun was still shining and the intake was being cast. Since then, much water has flowed down the river. The intake was completed and over the winter, the surrounding area was landscaped. When the weather improved, work started at the bottom of the scheme, constructing the turbine house.

At the end of April, amongst snow showers, the external works are complete. Technicians are huddled together inside installing cabling and control equipment in the turbine house. The key milestone will be reached in mid-May when the electricity grid will be connected to the site. Provided we have enough rain, the scheme will be commissioned soon after. What are the chances of a June drought in Harris?

Generator in foreground, turbine behind

Generator in foreground, turbine behind

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