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A second chance to generate an income from the Monan site.

The Trust, through its wholly-owned subsidiary company North Harris Trading Company Ltd, worked for four years with the approval of the community to get all the required planning, grid and environmental permissions in place for a small windfarm on the Monan site near the Ceann an Ora Quarry in North Harris. You may remember that we were unable to procure a turbine for the site, which was considered suitable by the banks. The project was shelved in 2009.

We have since been approached by a New Zealand-based company who specialise in smaller turbines ( 500kW rather than the original 950kW). This company, Windflow Technology, believes that it has a turbine that will meet the demanding requirements of the site. Windflow is asking to partner with the North Harris Trust to develop the site once more.

If agreement is reached with Windflow, it will mean that the North Harris Trust can get back to the original concept of developing a major project that will generate a substantial return for the next twenty years  -which in turn can be invested in the local community.

The negotiation with Windflow is now commencing on the basis that:

  1. North Harris Trust will not lay out any further funds to develop the project

  2. The amount of money which the Trust has already invested in Monan will be converted into a shareholding in a joint company

  3. The income that the Trust receives is related to this shareholding and rental for the site

The Directors of the Trading company believe that we should fully explore this opportunity to create a long term income stream from the Monan site –making the most of the investments made to date, whilst minimising any future risks. Work will continue on the Bunavoneader Hydro-electric scheme in parallel.

 A steady, long-term income stream is essential to continue the regeneration work that will make North Harris a better place to be.

A letter has been sent to all households in North Harris. If you wish any further details, please contact David Wake or David Cameron of the North Harris Trading Company on 01859 502222


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