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Finlay Ewen MacLeod

What is the Trust to you?

"Gives the community security"

Finlay believes that the North Harris Trust gives the community security. As the Trust is community owned and the community has a voice in the running of the trust, it means that no one individual is going to mislead anyone. 

Why do you serve as a Director?

"I want to help my community especially after what North Harris Trust did for my wife and I"

The North Harris Trust helped Finlay and his wife settle in by giving them a plot of land so that they could build their home. Due to this, Finlay feels compelled that he should give something back. 

North Harris Community

"The community is changing"

People know each other to a degree however the community is changing. Young people are leaving and the community is ageing, it has changed from when he was young. Despite these changes, Finlay absolutely loves living in North Harris and he is proud to call it home. 

Finlay Ewen MacLeod
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