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Zero-Carbon Grant Award

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We have just been awarded £32,000 towards the work that will take us to the point of tendering for the construction of the units. The Big Lottery have made the award that will cover Solicitor’s, Accountant’s, Civil Engineer’s, Quantity Surveyor’s and Architect’s fees for the next few months. This alongside nearly £10,000 from HIE will help the project move along nicely.

We now need to sort the ownership of the land out, and get the project costs firmed up. We hope to be able to tender for the build next spring.

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Zero Carbon Business Units take the next step

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At last! It’s taken 6 months, but we’ve finally got our planning permission for the business units in East Tarbert.

Work has already started on the next stage – the funding. We have successfully completed Stage 1 of the application to the Growing Community Assets Fund at the Big Lottery. We are now working up an application for Development Funding to get together everything that is required for the Stage 2 application.

We have also been talking to HIE about funding. They have now offered a further £10K towards the pre construction costs.

So we are still making progress.

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Planning for Zero-carbon business units

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Last week, our architect submitted an application for planning permission to build our business units. The plans show three starter units on land adjacent to the showground on the Scalpay Road. The units are designed to fit in with the landscape and will be warm and light.

Have a look at the site plan HERE

All the plans will appear on the CnES Planning Portal shortly. Access this HERE quoting application reference: 11/000581 or alternatively, pop into the Trust office in Tarbert. All plans will be available for inspection.

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Zero-carbon progress

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Today we received some great news. HIE have offered us a grant for 50% of the next stage of developemnt.

If you recall, last year we had a feasility study carried out into the viability of Business Starter Units in North Harris. The next stage is to get the Architect to draw up more formal plans and tighten up the costs for the project. We have now instructed AffordableTM, the architects to start work on this. Over the next few months, they will prepare the planning application for two units on the site at Urgha.

In the mean-time, with the demise of the Old Hostel building  fast approaching, we have had a number of enquiries about the units. Unfortunately we can’t meet the October demolition deadline – but it is encouraging to know there is interest in our little project.

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