Crofting Supplies

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When the great Harris institution that was Tarbert Stores closed its doors for the last time, a huge gap was left in the market. Following a number of approaches from the community, we started stocking a small range of livestock feeds at the Recycling Site at Urgha. For the four or five winter months, crofters are grateful of a local stockholding of feed – saving the 70 mile round trip to Stornoway or the punitive delivery charges.

As time has moved on, the product range has grown in response to local demand. The first bad winter spell of weather that prevented the coal man making deliveries to Harris, prompted us to carry a stock of wood briquettes. With fencing material being bought for Trust projects and estate maintenance, it made sense to start stocking fencing materials. This has lead to us holding a small stock of hardware/ironmongery. Perhaps surprisingly one of most popular sales areas is wild bird feed. We now stock a selection of feed and associated feeders.

The shop is open in line with Recycling Site openings. We can be contacted on 01859 502314, or at UrghaDepot on Facebook.