Introduction to The Trust

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The 25,900 ha of North Harris make up one of the largest community owned estates in Scotland. The North Harris Trust, which manages the land on behalf of the community, is open to all residents and is run by a board of locally elected volunteer directors. The Trust aims to increase employment opportunities, address local housing needs, and protect and enhance North Harris’s wonderful cultural and natural heritage.

The North Harris Trust is governed by a board of 13 directors, consisting of 12 elected local directors representing defined township areas, and a representative of the John Muir Trust.

The Trust currently employs 5 staff who run the estate and take forward projects and initiatives to meet the aims and objectives of the Trust.
Several of our projects and staff posts are assisted through funding and support from a number of organizations. We would like to acknowledge the following organizations for their continuing support:

Many of the photographs on this site have been reproduced by kind permission of Laurie Campbell