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Annual Report AGM 2023

Minutes of NHT AGM March 2022

Annual Report AGM 2022

Minutes of AGM February 2021

Annual Report AGM 2021

Minutes of AGM February 2020

Annual Report AGM 2020

Minutes of AGM February 2019

Annual Report AGM 2019

Minutes of AGM February 2018

Annual Report AGM 2018

Minutes of AGM February 2017

Annual Report AGM 2017


NHT Strategic Planning:

NHT Strategic Plan 2022-2027

NHT Strategic Plan Executive Summary

NHT Ro-innleachd Geàrr-chunntas Gnìomhach


Meeting Minutes:

Please note that Board Minutes are not uploaded to the website until they have been approved by the Board and all sensitive information removed.

NHT Minute 27th March 2023

NHT Minute 21st February 2023

NHT Minute 23rd January 2023

NHT Minute 12th December 2022

NHT Minute 31st October 2022

NHT Minute 26th September 2022

NHT Minute 29th August 2022

NHT Minute 27th June 2022

NHT Minute 30th May 2022

NHT Minute 25th April 2022

NHT Minute 21st March 2022

NHT Minute 14th February 2022

NHT Minute 17th January 2022

NHT Minute 13th December 2021

NHT Minute 15th November 2021

NHT Minute 11th October 2021

NHT Minute 23rd August 2021

NHT Minute 12th July 2021

NHT Minute 16th June 2021

NHT Minute 17th May 2021

NHT Minute 12th April 2021

NHT Minute 1st March 2021

NHT Minute 1st February 2021 

NHT Minute 11th January 2021

NHT Minute 14th December 2020

NHT Minute 16th November 2020

NHT Minute 19th October 2020

NHT Minute 21st September 2020

NHT Minute 24th August 2020

NHT Minute 20th July 2020

NHT Minute 22nd June 2020

NHT Minute 25th May 2020

NHT Minute 27th April 2020

NHT Minute 20th January 2020

NHT Minute 9th December 2019

NHT Minute 4th November 2019

NHT Minute 23rd September 2019

NHT Minute 26th August 2019

NHT Minute 24th June 2019

NHT Minute 20th May 2019

NHT Minute 15th April 2019

NHT Minute 4th March 2019

Older minutes/reports are available on request.


Other Documents:

NHT Statement on the Sport Fishing of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Company Information

Annual accounts are filed at Companies House and can be seen HERE, by quoting company number SC235889

Company Memorandum and Articles of Association

Subsequent Bye-laws

Company Policies

Code of Conduct


Equal Opportunities


Health & Safety

Protecting vulnerable people

Recruitment of ex-offenders

Secure Handling of information 

Flexible Working