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AGM Notice 2020

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Job Vacancy – Manager

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The North Harris Trust is responsible for the management of approximately 70,000 acres of community-owned land in North Harris. The Trust is a company limited by guarantee. The company consists of twelve directors, who are elected from within the community. In addition to land management, the Trust engages in a range of projects which deliver economic, social and cultural benefit to the local community. The company has grown considerably since its formation in 2003, and it is now an established presence within the North Harris community and further afield.

The Board is currently seeking to recruit a Manager. The successful applicant will have:

• strong leadership qualities

• relevant experience of project planning and delivery

• relevant knowledge of land management issues, including crofting legislation

• strong financial acumen

• proven experience of staff management

• good oral and written communication skills

• a commitment to the principle of community ownership and management of assets

Salary: £32,500 per annum

Closing date for applications: Friday 28th February 2020

Application forms and further information are available from:
Calum J Mackay, Tiorga, 1 Ardhasaig, Harris, HS3 3AJ
Tel: 01859 50 2385 / 07796511499

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Selection of Directors

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To ensure all members can get involved and bring fresh ideas, there is an annual rotation of the North Harris Trust Board requiring a third of the longest standing Directors to retire.  This year we have four vacancies. 

These vacancies are for Directors representing the following areas:

AREA                                                                      NUMBER OF VACANCIES

Urgha to Glen Carragreich                                                      1

Bowglas, Scaladale & Ardvourlie                                   1

Tarbert                                                                                      1

Scalpay                                                                                1

The selection process requires nomination forms to be submitted.  If we receive more nominations than there are vacancies for an area, there will be a ballot of the residents within that area.  Selected nominees will be proposed for appointment at the AGM which will be held on Monday 24th February 2020.

If you are a member of the Trust and interested in serving as a Director for one of the areas listed above, nomination forms are available from the Trust Office, or email us at . We will be happy to answer any questions you have about the roles and responsibilities of Directors.

The deadline for the submission of completed nomination forms is Friday 24th January 2020.

Note: NHT Members can represent any area of the Estate, but they must receive nominations from two members who reside within the relevant area.

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Caraidean Newsletter December 2019

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Tree Planting in North Harris

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Community Consultations 2019

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Volunteering along the Postmans Path

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Despite challenging weather conditions on Wednesday 4th September a great amount was acheived with the help of 22 hardy volunteers from the Harris Stalking Club, John Muir Trust & S3 Pupils from Sir Edward Scott School, Isle of Harris repairing sections of footpath along the Postmans Path.

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September’s Mountain of the Month – An Cliseam

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Ardvourlie Woodland Observatory Construction Begins…

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Busy morning at NHT today as we marked out the location of the Ardvourlie Woodland Obervatory with O’Mac Construction Limited with construction due to begin later this week. Once completed the Woodland Observatory will sit at an elevated position within the 100ha broadleaf plantation offering 270 degree views over Loch Seaforth and up Glen Vigidale. Thanks to our funders: Outer Hebrides LEADER, Muaitheabhal Community Windfarm Trust, CNES, Highlands and Islands Enterprise & John Muir Trust .

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Open all hours

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Our Chemical Disposal Point for campers’ toilets has now had its second anniversary and customer numbers are increasing. The biggest complaint we have had about the service is that it’s not open on a Monday, when the Recycling Depot is closed.

With assistance from CnES, the local authority, we have modified the fence/gates and installed a coin meter and latch to make the CDP accessible 24×7, just like our other one at Huisinis Gateway.

The new meter cupboard on the left

Like most of Harris, we operate with a private sewerage system – there is no mains sewerage. For this reason we ask customers not to use “blue” chemicals in their waste. We rely on the majority of customers using “green”, septic-tank friendly chemicals – or none at all.

The meter needs 3 x £1 coins to open the latch. This charge contributes to the annual septic tank emptying fee.

See other campervan information HERE

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