Carnegie UK Trust Rural Community of Practice

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The North Harris Trust formally joined the Carnegie UK Trust’s Community of Practice (CoP) in October 2010 as a representative of the Community Landowning sector. The Carnegie UK Trust established the Community of Practice to enable leading rural development practitioners and activists to meet in person and on-line to share knowledge and experience in their efforts to build vibrant rural communities.

The Carnegie UK Trust established the CoP following the work of the Carnegie Commission for Rural Community Development chaired by Lord Steel of Aikwood. Other key participants included the Eden project in Cornwall, the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales, the Tipperary Institute, and the Falkland Centre for Stewardship.

NHT was able to participate in the CoP thanks to funding from Highlands & Islands Enterprise. The 3 year funding package enabled the Trust to: visit other partners; host partners visits to Harris; reflect on its past experiences and publish reports on them to share with others; support events and activities that will promote development of the community landowning sector; and explore new ideas for developing the assets of North Harris for the benefit of the community.