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Last week we had a visit from a BBC camera crew. They’d heard about the Eagle Observatory, and wanted to film it for themselves. Unfortunately, the visitors didn’t see Harris at its best. It was tipping down and the clouds were very low. They did however interview Robin our Ranger and take plenty of footage of the new Eagle Observatory.

The rest of us have been working on an Enterprise Day event at Sir E Scott School. This co-incided with HMI School Inspectors being on site. At the start of the day, Robin was greeted by the pupils saying they’d seen him on national TV news. Later in the day we had reports that the article also went out on UK-wide BBC radio. Today, the Chief Inspector asked if it was our eagle observatory that had seen on TV, and that the kids had been out to. It looks as if the whole country now knows about our little Eagle Observatory!

The Observatory is open all year round, and is located about 35 minutes walk up the track, north from Glen Meavaig North.

See the BBC web-site at:

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